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White Water Rafting

Join us on a White Water Adventure on the Beautiful Glacial river Salzach!

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With our Top Equipment and after the Safety Information we will make our way down the river along a spectacular Mountain scenery. Your Guide will make sure that you have a Perfect time and will also Safely get you down the Rapids all the way to the exit point. When we return to our CAMP we will sit down for the included Snack and Drink!

This is some of what we will pass along the way:
  • "The Labyrinth" where we really need to concentrate
  • "Big Mama" will make sure we won´t stay dry
  • "The Rollercoaster" waves and waves and waves and
  • "The German Indians" might be out looking for gold
  • "Wet Dreams" will definately make us wet
  • "Titanic Wave" is the last surprise
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This is an amazing experience with lots of fun for everyone!

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This tour is for Everyone - BUT you need to be able to swim!
  • Possible from 10 Years - depending on waterlevel
  • Total time: about 3 Hours
  • River difficulty: 2 - 4 depending on water level
  • around 15 Km and about 2 Hours on the river
Included: Transfer - Guide - Equipment - Snack and Drink
Bring: Swimwear - Towel
  • Daily from May - September
  • Meeting at 09:30 or at 14:00 in Taxenbach
  • GoPro HD Video on request
Find out more in our office or drop us a line...

Price: € 50,- incl. Snack and Drink

Kids under 15 Years: € 40,- incl. Snack and Drink

VIP Rafting:

One Boat and One Guide only for your friends or family!
  • Induvidual starting time!
  • We pick you up from your Hotel
  • A Video from the Tour is included!

Price: € 429,- per Boat

(If you want a BBQ and 8 Drinks € 119,- per Boat)